Professor Victoria R. Holbrook


What is Reality and How Can I Find it?  Plato, the Gracious Quran, and Romance


17 December 2019, Tuesday, 15:40 – C Blok Amphi


We have long known that texts of Ancient Greek philosophy were translated into Arabic during the 9th-10 centuries, and it is often said that Tasavvuf is Neoplatonic.  But how can Platonic material in the 7th-century Quran be explained?  And what role did this material play in the plotting of Persian and Turkish quest romances?

Prof. Victoria R. Holbrook (Bilgi University):
Professor Holbrook teaches philosophy in the Faculty of Architecture at Istanbul Bilgi University.  She founded and directed the program in Ottoman and Modern Turkish Literary and Cultural studies at the Ohio State University 1987-2005.  She is the author of The Unreadable Shores of Love: Turkish Modernity and Mystic Romance.