On this page you will find information on the structure of our MA program.

Students admitted in the program typically receive very generous financial support and complete preparatory coursework in the first two semesters of their course of study.

International applicants with a good command of Turkish are especially encouraged to apply. Strong English reading skills are expected from all applicants.

Preparatory Year

Depending on their background in literary studies and their reading skills in Ottoman, most of the students admitted in the MA in Turkish Literature program begin their studies in the Department by completing preparatory coursework, which includes:

EDEB 401 – Introduction to Turkish Literature I
EDEB 405 – Written Expression
EDEB 411 – Ottoman Turkish I
EDEB 415 – Sources of Literature I: Nature and Culture
EDEB 416 – Criticism
EDEB 402 – Introduction to Turkish Literature II
EDEB 403 – Theories of Literature
EDEB 408 – Sources of Literature II: From Mimesis to Catharsis
EDEB 412 – Ottoman Turkish II
EDEB 432 – Modern Turkish Prose


Core MA Program Curriculum

Compulsory courses

EDEB 516 – Literary Traditions of Turkey
EDEB 605 – East and West in Turkish Literature
EDEB 593 – Seminar
EDEB 599 – Master’s Thesis
GE 500 – Research Methods and Academic Publication Ethics
GE 590 – Academic Practices


EDEB 502 – Text and Image
EDEB 508 – Text and the City: Urban Space and Architecture in Turkish Literature
EDEB 511 – Ottoman Turkish III
EDEB 512 – Ottoman Turkish IV
EDEB 524 – The Turkish Novel
EDEB 542 – Fictions of Migration
EDEB 545 – Gender and Fiction
EDEB 549 – Travel Writing
EDEB 550 – Regional Contexts for Turkish Literature I: The Balkans
EDEB 551 – Regional Contexts for Turkish Literature II: The Caucasus and the Black Sea
EDEB 552 – Regional Contexts for Turkish Literature III: The Arab World and Iran
EDEB 607 – Modernism in Turkish Literature
EDEB 608 – Critical Approaches to Turkish Literature
EDEB 619 – World Fiction
EDEB 623 – Theories of Literary Translation